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3F Forecasts has been publishing its unique newsletter for over ten years. During this time a great amount of research has been invested into the uncovering of cycles and associated events. This research and refinement of the knowledge of cycles has shed new insights into what has happened in the past and what is likely to happen in the future.

Many predictions and insights have been documented in the newsletter. We have gone back over the past ten years and have reprinted some of the most asked for articles. This is GBC bound into a large book that opens flat and is easy to read. It is titled, Cycles Weather and History.

Many of our readers have not been subscribers for the entire ten years. This compilation will provide some of the best information ever printed in that period – as well as some of the most interesting and entertaining stories that were printed in the newsletter.

If you are not totally familiar with the author, Larry Acker, be prepared for a wide range of interests, in-depth research and a broad knowledge of his disciplines. He has a record of over 80% absolute accuracy in his long-range predictions of weather. If you give him a latitude of about ten days of either side of his predictions – it is very high! Larry is a fascinating personality and an exciting writer.

This is must reading for anyone who is interested in the dynamics of weather and related agricultural, financial and futures activity – and, in many cases, major social and political events. You will come away with a whole new appreciation of how many influences affect our daily lives, shape our future and have an effect on our security. It is sometimes a bit scary that we have so little control or influence – many times we can only react. If we can anticipate, then we can react in time. If we react too late, the events could suck us in like a giant whirlpool!

Much of Larry’s writings draw upon historical events and their effect on the people of the world. The ability to predict major weather and global events is of great value in focusing attention to trends that may trigger events similar to those that have occurred in the past. The ability to do this with his degree of accuracy is uncanny! This is exciting reading for anyone interested in having more influence on the direction of his/her life.

The cost of Cycles Weather and History is $89.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling ($94.00 total) for U.S. and Canada orders and $7.50 shipping and handling ($96.50 total) for foreign orders in U.S. dollars. This is a small printing to a very sophisticated audience – it’s well worth the price.

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